Tuesday 3/31 Activities


  1. If the math website isn’t working, watch this video and try again later.
  2. Mr. Sasse’s good morning message.



  1. Mr. Sasse will be on NitroType from 12:00-12:30 today. Log in using clever to practice your typing with your friends, and join a race with Mr. Sasse.


Morning Meeting

  1. Click Here to answer today’s morning meeting question



UPDATE: 3/31 8:45am: The math website is going up and down again. If it is not working for you, try again later.

  1. Video #1
  2. Video #2
  3. Video #3
  4. Video #4
  5. Practice
  6. Game
  7. Homework

(Need help? Ask for help on our Math Post!)


Language Arts

  1. Watch this video about when to use commas.
  2. Watch this video explaining how to edit Google Slides from home.
  3. Watch this video explaining how to draw lines in Google Slides from home.
  4. Monday Grammar Assignment.
  5. Tuesday Grammar Assignment.
  6. Complete today’s Journal entry.



  1. Take out your One and Only Ivan book.
  2. Watch the second part to Mr. Sasse’s video about the history of the story.
  3. Make a new prediction based on the question Mr. Sasse asked in the video.



  1. Re-watch the video from yesterday about how soap works.
  2. Watch Mr. Sasse teach you how soap and water can wash away germs.



  1. Please sign up for PE At Home with Coach Dyer.
  2. If you are in orchestra, please join the orchestra Google Classroom. You should have an invite from Mrs. Hayhurst. If you did not get it, please email me or send me a ClassDojo message so that I can add you.



Students, please log in using your GUSD Google account:

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3 months ago

Mr.Sasse the math website is taking while to load the questions again. Just thought i should tell you.

3 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Sasse

Ok thank you!

3 months ago

Mr.Sasse I am done with every thing

3 months ago
Reply to  Mikael

hello miko

3 months ago

Well…. technically you could see viruses being washed down the drain. Heh, also I finished all of it

3 months ago
Reply to  Ryland

I think he meant the virus alone because well the virus is too small.

3 months ago

by by

3 months ago

I’ll come back at around 12:00 to play the game

3 months ago

Mr.Sasse if it says that I have not completed the Monday practice and homework, it is because I accidentally clicked it again thinking it was Tuesday’s.

3 months ago

Mr Sasse when are we starting the nitro type race

3 months ago

again… the math website isnt working!!!!!!!!!!

3 months ago

Mr. Sasse and the guys, thank you for a wonderful game. It was great! Have a nice day!

3 months ago

I’m done with everything Mr.Sasse.

3 months ago

“Scrub, Scrub, Scrub.” -Mr.Sasse

3 months ago

Mr.Sasse thx for making games for us!