Tuesday 4/7


  1. None



  1. Mystery Science LIVE at 10:00! Tune in at 10:00 for a live Mystery Science activity.
  2. Mr. Sasse is going on NitroType at 11:45am! Make sure to add Mr. Sasse as a friend and log in at 11:45! We will be practicing our typing skills on NitroType from 11:45-12:00 🙂


Morning Meeting

  1. Check in on yesterday’s Video morning meeting and watch videos from your classmates
  2. Reply to today’s Morning Meeting Question.



  1. Notes Video
  2. Practice Problems
  3. Log in to Happy Numbers in Clever and spend at least 20 minutes on it.

If you need help with the math (or anything else) you can ask for help in the comments down below. Your classmates can reply and help you out and so can Mr. Sasse 🙂


Language Arts

  1. Tuesday Journal
  2. Tuesday Grammar



  1. Read pages 19-22 in Ivan
  2. Answer the reading questions



  1. Social Studies Notes Part 2 
  2. No More Kings song
  3. Turn in your Solar System Project (due date extended to April 15th)




  1. None


Students, please log in using your GUSD Google account:

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3 months ago

Mr. Sasse how will we give you the poster of the solar system poster.

3 months ago

Hello Mr. Sasse, when I’m going on the notes video of math the first one it’s not working.

3 months ago

MR.Sasse the math notes video isnt working 😕

3 months ago

Mr. Sasse, the two videos of Science are not working.

3 months ago

Mr.Sasse I didn’t knew about the project was I absent that day

3 months ago

Mr. sasse i looked on my clever portal and i cant find happy numbers.

3 months ago

I’m done!

3 months ago

I had a mental breakdown when I found out we weren’t going back to school.

3 months ago

can any of you guys help me with the grammer for last week and this week