Thursday 4/9


  1. Please complete the check-in survey.



  1. None Today


Morning Meeting

  1. Please click here to answer today’s morning meeting question.



  1. Notes and Review Video
  2. Step by Step Video
  3. Practice Problems
  4. Homework (Optional)

If you need help with the math (or anything else) you can ask for help in the comments down below. Your classmates can reply and help you out and so can Mr. Sasse 🙂


Language Arts

  1. Journal
  2. Grammar



  1. Read Ivan pages 23-26
  2. Silverback Gorilla Assignment (you don’t need to finish it all by today)



  1. Complete the timeline assignment. Use the videos from Monday and Tuesday for the dates and information.
  2. Turn in your Solar System Project (due date extended to April 15th)



  1. Students going to Wilson next year: Orchestra auditions will be done online this year. Click here for directions.


Students, please log in using your GUSD Google account:

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3 months ago

Mr.Sasse yesterday for our reading, I submitted mine but then something happened with the internet. I don’t know if it submitted or not. Sorry.

3 months ago

Mr.Sasse when you say math homework is optional if I choose to not do it then it will still show up as assigned in google classroom.

3 months ago

if I do the math and don’t get all of them right, (the optional one) will I lose points or will it be part of my grade or no

3 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Sasse

ok. I did it and got 24 out of 25

3 months ago

One problem with the solar system project…I threw mine away because I didn’t think we would need it since We aren’t going back to school. 😐

3 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Sasse

No. But I could make another one.

3 months ago

When I’m done with the solar system projects should I present it on Flipgrid?