Wednesday 4/22 Activities


  1. There is NO SCHOOL on Friday in observance of Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day.



  1. None today.


Morning Meeting

  1. Today’s morning meeting question



  1. Notes with Ms. Micev
  2. Math Review
  3. Math Homework


Language Arts

    1. Cause and Effect Activity
    2. Journal



  1. Read and follow along with the Audiobook from pages 75-82 in Ivan.
  2. Complete the comprehension assignment
  3. If you did not yesterday, add your post to the discussion topic.



  1. Log in to BrainPop using Clever (directions here if you don’t know how)
  2. After you log in, click here to start today’s assignment.



  1. Sports For Learning – Bowling At Home. (optional)


Students, please log in using your GUSD Google account:

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2 months ago

Why was Tuesday START HERE not there?

2 months ago

and they were roommates
they were roommates…

2 months ago
Reply to  Evelyna


2 months ago

I can not draw a picture of my two favorite characters. They are Ivan and Stella

2 months ago

Hey Mr. Sasse! My parents crated this website this year because the march for justice won’t happen because of the virus. Basically, you can “Join the March” and a forget-me-not will be placed on your city because that’s where you are, so it counts you as marching for justice, it is at ! You don’t have to join, but I am just saying if you would like to look at it. 🙂

2 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Sasse

Thank you Mr.Sasse! You told the class you have been to the marches before, and thank you for doing it online this year and coming to Los Angeles the other years. When my parents made this app and website, they didn’t think it would get far, but they so far have about 240,00 now.

2 months ago
Reply to  Aya

I also added my stamp. I’ve never gone to the marches, but I’ll go next time.

2 months ago
Reply to  Tigran

Thank you Tigran! Now there are so many people, about 240,000 and counting from all over the world! If you want to go next year, I think it will happen. On April 23rd, there is a candle lighting ceremony at which my Armenian class performs the Armenian anthem every year, and on April 24, There is a huge march in America (and Armenia) around Los Angeles.