Tuesday 4/28 Activities


  1. None 🙂



  • WEDNESDAY (TOMORROW): We will be having a 5th grade Zoom reading lesson with Ms. Micev’s class on Wednesday at 12:00 noon. We will be reading and discussing The One and Only Ivan together. Make sure you’re caught up in the reading and join us at 12:00 noon TOMORROW, Wednesday! Link will be posted in Google Classroom.
  • FRIDAY: Live math help on Zoom. Need help with Area, Perimeter, and Volume? Mr. Sasse will have a live math help Zoom to ask questions and get help. 11:00-11:30 or 1:30-2:00. Link will be posted in Google Classroom.


Morning Meeting

  1. Today’s morning meeting question
  2. Attendance Check-in



    1. Notes with Ms. Micev
    2. Math Video (skip if you already watched it yesterday)
    3. Math Practice


Language Arts

    1. Lesson and Directions
    2. Practice
    3. Journal



  1. Read pages 97-107 in Ivan **must be caught up before tomorrow’s Zoom**



  1. NASA Video https://vimeo.com/411496533/0a4e12a792
  2. NASA Article https://gpm.nasa.gov/education/articles/earth-observatory-water-cycle-overview 


  1. Orchestra students, don’t forget your live Zoom today with Ms. Hayhurst.


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2 months ago

Good morning, Mr. Sasse. How are you? Good morning friends. How are you?😀