Friday 5/8 Activities


  1. Mr. Sasse has several meetings today. I will not be on live chat for most of the morning. Sorry! Leave comments below for your classmates if you need help, or send me a message and I will reply after my meetings in the afternoon.



  • Coming up NEXT WEEK:
    • Monday at 11:00am: One and Only Ivan Book Chat Zoom. Come to discuss One and Only Ivan with Mr. Sasse. If you come to this Zoom, you will get to skip the reading assignment. Optional.
    • Tuesday at 9:30am: Zoom Math help with Mr. Sasse. If you need help with math, come to this Zoom. Optional.
    • Wednesday at 12 noon: All fifth grade Zoom. Required attendance. We will be saying hello to each other and chatting for the first 10 minutes, and then Mr. Sasse and Ms. Micev will be going over directions for a major writing assignment. This session will be recorded and posted later in case you can’t come to the Zoom.
    • Thursday at 1:00pm: Zoom Math help with Mr. Sasse. If you need help with math, come to this Zoom. Optional.
    • Friday at 11:00am: Fun Friday! GimKit and Kahoot Math Facts on Zoom. You’ll need your Chromebook to Zoom and a smartphone or tablet for GimKit and Kahoot. Optional.


Morning Meeting

  1. Morning Meeting
  2. Attendance Checkin



    1. If you did not watch yesterday’s math notes, go back and watch them first.
    2. Today’s math notes. 
    3. Video
    4. Practice (you will need scratch paper or a whiteboard!)
    5. Homework (you will need scratch paper or a whiteboard!)


Language Arts


    1. Language Arts
    2. Journal
    3. ELD & Grammar



  1. Read along with Mr. Sasse from page 157-165.
  2. Participate in the class discussion for today’s reading.
  3. Respond to a classmate’s post in yesterday’s discussion.



  1. Social Studies Assignment
  2. If you need help, go back and watch the BrainPOP Bill of Rights video on Wednesday and my video yesterday.



  1. None


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Mr Sasse i wasn’t able to use my whiteboard so i did both math things with nothing and i shouldn’t done that because i messed up 0