Wednesday 5/20 Activities


  1. Hello from our classroom



  • Coming up this week:
    • TODAY at 12 noon until 12:15: One and Only Ivan book club with Mr. Sasse. Come to this Zoom to talk about The One and Only Ivan. If you come to this book club and participate, you will get to skip the reading assignment for the day. Optional.
    • Thursday at 10:00am: Mystery Science LIVE with astronaut Jessica Meir, who just returned from space last month! Optional.
    • Thursday from 1:00-2:00pm: Individual Math help on Zoom with Mr. Sasse. Send Mr. Sasse a chat message for the Zoom link. Mr. Sasse will screen-share with you to help you on your math. Optional.
    • Friday at 9:30am: Zoom with a middle-schooler! Zoom with some of my former students who are in middle school now and ask them questions about what middle school is like. Optional.
    • Friday at 11:00am: Fun Friday! Let’s play some morning meeting games. We’ll chat with each other, do a mad-lib, and play hangman. Fun hangout. Optional.


Morning Meeting

  1. Morning Meeting



    1. Watch Ms. Micev’s videos and take notes with her in your workbook.
    2. Math Workbook page 864 and 865, all problems. Submit your homework here. If you’re not sure how to submit your homework, watch this video for directions.
    3. Song to help you learn the shapes.
    4. Practice


Language Arts

  1. Assignment
  2. Journal



  1. Read Ivan pages 228-233
  2. Answer the review questions


Grammar & ELD

  1. Assignment



  1. Use textbook pages 254-258 to complete the Assignment



  1. Two of my former students are working on a project to help you get ready for middle school.
    1. Here are some answers to questions you asked last week
    2. Here is their presentation about rules, dress code, and punishments at Toll
    3. They also have a new one about citizenship grades and punctuality. 
      1. (At Toll, being late impacts your grade!)
    4. If you have a question to ask about today’s slides, click here.
    5. You can also post in our Morning Meeting and they will answer your questions on our Zoom on Friday!

Students, please log in using your GUSD Google account:

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1 month ago

Mr.Sasse is the Zoom with two of your former students optional or not?

1 month ago

Mr. Sasse in Grammar and Eld on question 17 it is asking when did Reilly SIT. My mind in confused of what I should write. I am thinking that it is asking when did she start or is she sitting.

1 month ago

Hi Mr. Sasse when I do the benchmark thing it doesn’t work

1 month ago

Why does it go 4-5 then to 7 we just skipped 6

1 month ago
Reply to  Mr. Sasse

In the Road to Revolution

1 month ago

When I click to do the math homework it just goes to yesterday’s homework

1 month ago

Mr. Sasse, could you check what I said in the private comments in Google Classroom, I do not know what to do 🙁

1 month ago

What time should I go to bed?