Thursday 5/28 Activities


  1. Mr. Sasse has a meeting with Dr. Rojas this morning, I won’t be on chat for most of the morning. If you need help, send a message in the afternoon (after 11:00) or come to the Zoom math help.


  • Coming up this week:
    • TODAY 11:30-1:00: Math Help with Mr. Sasse. Send Mr. Sasse a chat message asking for the Zoom link. I will screen-share with you to help you with your math. Optional.
    • Friday 11:00: Fun Friday! We’ll be chatting and saying Hello on Zoom, then playing some GimKit and Kahoot games. Come and hang out with your friends. Optional.
    • Friday 2:00-3:00: Math Help with Mr. Sasse. Send Mr. Sasse a chat message asking for the Zoom link. I will screen-share with you to help you with your math. Optional.


Morning Meeting

  1. Morning Meeting



    1. Notes with Ms. Micev
    2. Review Video
    3. Practice Problems (You will need scratch paper or a whiteboard!)


Language Arts

  1. Lesson (Optional review from yesterday)
  2. Notes (Optional review from yesterday)
  3. Assignment – Today, do “Step 1 Brainstorm” and write the first two paragraphs of Step 2.
  4. Journal



  1. Read Ivan pages 265-277 (tomorrow is the last day of Ivan!)


Grammar & ELD

  1. Practice



  1. Log in to BrainPOP using Clever FIRST.
  2. Watch this video.



  1. None 🙂

Students, please log in using your GUSD Google account:

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